Monday, May 21, 2012

Diablo III: Chance to Interrupt Real Life +100%

Recent Webcam pic. What do you think? Like the new arm brace?

Last week is completely lost to me. Gone. It slipped away right through my fingers and I didn't, couldn't, notice. Diablo III has critted my real life for 2k plus bleed damage.

I like the game. I really, really like the game, but I don't like what it has done to me. I haven't done my laundry. I haven't shaved. I haven't gone to the store. If I go to bed I only get about 3 or 4 hours of sleep before I'm up for work. And I don't really feel like changing any of this. Those of us who love video games have all had our benders at some point. Could have taken too much Skyrim too fast and been sucked into Tamriel for a few long days. Maybe you tripped on CoD for a couple of nights when Modern Warfare 3 launched. We all know at least one serious WoW junkie. It's not uncommon. This isn't Trainspotting, but a video game addiction can be pretty devastating. Everything real, no matter the importance, gets put on hold; the unreal becomes the absolute priority. Loot, gold, experience and/or prestige  trumps food, money, housework, and family. I just snubbed my mom on a phone call and I've been increasingly neglectful of a girl I went on a few dates with. People don't deserve this from me.

Choose Life.
And by that, I mean gem out for Vitality. Seriously, it's more important than your DPS in hell mode.
I wish I was telling you that I'm going sober. Nope. Not today, my friend. Instead I choose to be the junkie who knowingly spirals downward, believing themselves to be carefully maneuvering the decent while nosediving into a massive storm of shit. I might play a little less, maybe. I'll throw my laundry in the washer. Happy? Isn't that enough for one day? I'm not even level 60 yet. I'll stop playing when I beat Hell mode. Or Inferno mode. Or after my next toon is done with Nightmare. Eventually I'll get my shit together. Everything will be ok. 


  1. So jealous of this. Unfortunately my pc is crap and can't handle the brilliance of D3 :(