Thursday, May 24, 2012


This is what Diablo III looks like to me most of the time

Diablo III is HARD. I regrettably rolled a Monk and was just on the poop end of a major nerf. Now I'm wandering the alleyways of the forums in search of some ideas for a level 60 Inferno build. My gear is pretty horrible and now I get just utterly crapped on by Elites. Nerf happens.

I hate you so much, old man Krillin.
Most games with an online aspect don't get it right at launch. Balancing an online game is extremely difficult, especially when there is an additional need to add or change the gameplay to keep the game from getting boring. World of Warcraft has been out for almost 10 years: for that entire decade, class wars have raged over Azeroth. Rogues bitch about Warlocks, Warriors bitch about Pallys, everyone bitches about Death Knights. A new patch means new class changes: your top-of-the-meter mage DPS can suddenly drop to the middle. Meanwhile, the shaman with OK gear will rise from the bottom and blow everyone out of the water. Players mob the forums and badger the Admins with weak threats of quitting. Everyone has their suggestions for further change. Usually I just watch the action from afar, laughing at the drama.

Now I'm among the butthurt. I'm trying my hardest to not just lay all my bitching out right here and now but I know nobody really cares. It's an odd sensation, being on the other side of the fence. I'm caught between the poles of "I'm RIGHT! Monks ARE next to useless now!" and "That's the way she goes buddy, the fuckin' way she goes." Do I get all self-righteous and complain until Monks get buffed? Or do I just bite the bullet and struggle through it silently? I'll be reduced to farming for gold and gear, hoping it will eventually be enough to hang with the other classes.

Perhaps this will give me enough reason to stop playing the game for 5 minutes so I can pay my bills, do household chores, make a much needed trip to the store, etc. I could use a real life again.

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